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These screenshots highlight some of the GUI changes between the 22.4x and the 22.7x versions:

  • Both GUI versions (Xaw and Motif) now have pulldown menus instead of buttons.
  • There's a page list for easier navigation.
  • The Motif GUI has been completely overhauled, and a toolbar has been added.
  • The support for color specials now allows for colored hyperlinks, with different colors for visited and non-visited links.
  • `Print' and `Save' dialogs have been added (the screenshots below show the `Print' dialog).

Compiled with the Xaw Toolkit: Compiled with Motif: Example of string search with CJK fonts (Motif version with a different color scheme, kindly provided by Zhang Lin-Bo):
screenshot xdvik-xaw screenshot xdvik-motif screenshot xdvik search window
(Click on the thumbnails for a fullsized image.)

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