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The following is a copy of the file README.CVS from the xdvik source distribution.

This README explains how to update your local xdvik sources to
the current stable version, using the CVS repository on SourceForge.
In the following examples, `$' represents the shell prompt, and lines
ending with `\' should be typed as one line at the shell prompt.

Note that both the original xdvi and xdvik are available for CVS
checkout.  Use `xdvi' instead of `xdvik' as module name in the
examples below if you want to check out the xdvi sources instead.

Please send corrections/suggestions to:

Prerequisites for using these examples are:

1. Have cvs installed.

2. Log in as `anonymous' user to the CVS server on SourceForge:
   $ cvs login
   (Simply hit RETURN after the password prompt)

   NOTE: The pserver hosts are currently running a backup version
   of the CVS repository, so any it may take a while (1 day?) for CVS
   commits to appear on pserver.

The `-d' option is not needed if you run CVS from a directory that
already contain a `CVS' subdirectory (i.e. has been checked out from
CVS before). Starting with version 22.40e, the source distribution of
xdvik also contains these subdirectories, so if you're inside the
distribution tree, you can run the CVS commands without the `-d'

Note however that some distributions, such as teTeX, have a different
directory structure and don't include the CVS subdirectories; in this
case, use method (b) instead to upgrade your distribution via CVS.

You can eiter upgrade an existing version, or check out a new
version. The following examples cover the procedures for this.

(a) Upgrading your local tree to the most up-to-date version (e.g.
    for the xdvik_STABLE branch, this will upgrade to the most current
    version *on that branch*):

    - Change to the top-level xdvik directory, e.g. if your current
      xdvik version is 22.77:
      $ cd xdvik-22.77/

    - Update the sources:
      $ cvs -z3 update

    - Reconfigure and recompile xdvik:
      $ make distclean
      $ ./configure && make

(b) Obtaining the current stable version from CVS:

    - Check out the source tree from the STABLE branch:
      $ cvs \
        -z3 checkout -r xdvik_STABLE -d xdvik_STABLE xdvik

      This will create a directory `xdvik_STABLE' in your current
      working directory (of course, you can choose a different name).

    - Configure and compile xdvik:
      $ cd xdvik_STABLE
      $ ./configure && make

(c) Obtaining an unreleased (unstable, experimental) CVS `HEAD'

    - Check out the source tree from CVS HEAD:
      $ cvs \
        -z3 checkout xdvik
      This will create a directory `xdvik' in your current
      working directory.

    - Configure and compile xdvik:
      $ cd xdvik
      $ ./configure && make

(d) Switching from a stable version to the (unstable, experimental)
    CVS `HEAD' version:

    $ cvs up -d -A

(e) Switching from any version to a specific release:

    All releases of xdvik have a CVS tag `xdvik_MAJOR_MINOR' that
    can be used to update (or downgrade) to that specific version.
    E.g. for switching to xdvik-22.73-beta1, use:

    $ cvs up -d -r xdvik_22_73-beta1

That's all! If you want to make yourself more familiar with
CVS, there's a lot of information on the web; good starting
points are:

- the CVS HOWTO on SourceForge:

- the CVS Book:

- the CVS info manual, accessible with `info CVS' from the
  command line, or with `C-h i m cvs' from within Emacs.

Have fun!

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